• To be responsible for the general welfare of the Wesley Guild at the relevant level, this includes the Chairperson of Societies, also to ensure that there is effective leadership, operation and sound administrative and financial systems and processes for proper accountability.

Vice President

  • Chair meetings in the absence of the President.
  • Monitor that youth work is active in the Circuit.
  • See that various structures and systems function effectively.
  • Be responsible for the adherence of the Church protocol
  • Carries the vision of the WG high so that it can be seen by all members especially the committee
  • Give guidance / direction in a meeting
  • Listens to the views and make decision on what will achieve the vision of the Wesley Guild (movement/ organization)
  • Ensures that resolutions are in line with the vision
  • Ensures that the vision of the Circuit is in-line with the vision of the Church

NB: The vice-president perform delegated responsibilities as assigned to him/her by the president.

General Secretary (Engine)

  • Be the chief administrative officer of the Guild.
  • Be responsible for record and minute taking at all Guild activities.
  • Prepare annual reports on the overall work of the Guild.
  • Be the liaison and communication officer within the department.
  • Be responsible for the overall functioning of the Executive and the department.
  • Together with the Treasurer and the President/vice are bank signatories.
  • Be responsible for the implementation of the Circuit program action.
  • Be responsible for the filing.

Recording /Statistical Secretary

  • Compile the Wesley Guild database.
  • Compile statistical reports.
  • Record all financial data versus statistical records.
  • Be responsible for minute taking and keeping the detailed records of the Circuit Wesley Guild.


  • Be responsible for financial management function of the Circuit Wesley Guild.
  • Be responsible for preparing budgets and execute plans for fundraising.
  • Be the chief guardian of all the property of the Wesley Guild.
  • Ensure the presentation of annual audited financial statements.
  • Be chief accounting officer.
  • Be the chief bank signatory together with the general secretary and the president/vice.

Projects Coordinator

  • Implement mission work
  • Draft business plans
  • Pool of resources [compile a database of available resources for various projects/mission work].
  • Coordinate laity training programs.
  • Skills audit report and approach the cooperate world for funding.
  • Be the chief media liaison officer for the District.

(NB: some circuits do not have this portfolio)

Chief Convenor

  • Work closely with all the Society convenors of the 4C’s.
  • Together with the general secretary organize all Circuit events.
  • Execute the 4C’s at a Circuit level
  • (NB: This varies per circuit- some circuits have four convenors even at circuit level while others have one chief convenor at circuit level and four at society levels)

CONVENOR – Consecration:

  • Help to plan programmes which encourage reflection on the meaning of life.
  • Help Guilders in their relationship with Christ.
  • Help the planning team to make time to reflect, learn and grow in Christian fellowship.
  • Encourage people in this team to see their particular ministry as healing and encouraging relationships with God.
  • Encourage Bible reading and prayer on the part of all members.

CONVENOR – Culture/Creativity

  • Help Guilders to understand and deal with the world.
  • To be actively involved in reading and discovering the world.
  • Encourage the planning team to see their ministry as finding out about the world and Southern Africa in particular.
  • Help members to discover their potential as creative people.
  • Encourage Guilders to become aware of the issues of the people in their society.
  • Encourage the exploration of the things which people have made – art, music, customs, etc.

CONVENOR – Christian Service/Community Development

  • Look out for areas of need.
  • Encourage the planning team to see their ministry as Christian action.
  • Make contact with agencies and other helping bodies.
  • Knowing your community intimately.
  • Enabling Guilders to initiate and run projects under the auspices of the Wesley Guild.
  • Being prophetic. Speaking truth to power, seeking to understand the underlying courses to poverty and alienation

CONVENOR – Comradeship

  • Keeping a register of names and addresses.
  • Encouraging openness and friendship.
  • Making sure that newcomers are included.
  • Providing opportunities for training of Guilders in group work and individual caring.
  • Creating an environment and atmosphere in which Guilders can feel open and comfortable.