Connexional Youth Conference

The CYC is the supreme ruling body of the Methodist Children and Youth Unit, subject to the conference of the Methodist Church of Southern Africa, the connexional executive or their mandated committees operating between sittings.

Composition: The CYC is constituted by the representatives from the Synod Youth Units in line with division of work membership. The exact number of representatives to a sitting of CYC is determined from time to time by the Connexional Youth Executive.

Duties and powers of the CYC

  1. To receive, discuss, and/or formulate resolution for forwarding along with reports to the Conference or the Connexional Executive and to any sub-committees or commissions mandated by the Conference.
  2. To appoint commissions or ad-hoc committees for specific tasks to be undertaken within clearly defined time frames.
  3. To receive and deliberate upon reports and or recommendations emanating from the meetings or extra-ordinary consultations.
  4. To elect the Connexional Youth Executive.

The CYC is held annually after the Synod Assemblies/Imbizos (previously known as Districts Youth Synods) have met and precedes the annual MCSA conference. The Presiding Bishop as the head of the MCSA or his/her designated deputy presides over the Youth Conference.

CYC Documents

  • The CYC documents will be published as received below. Should you need more documents not available here please contact your Synod leadership or the Connexional Youth Executive

Live streaming: Coordinator Rev Simphiwe Mthembu’s address