Wesley Guild pledge

“I desire by the grace of God to live and lead a Christian life and take an active role in promoting the aims and objectives of the Wesley Guild, I shall GO, Unite, Inspire, Love and Develop”

What is a pledge?

A pledge is a solemn binding promise and an appeal we undertake before God as young people. It is an ultimate appeal to divine authority to ratify an assertion. The fundamental principle of a pledge is that it has always been binding and appealed to the highest authority. The forms of oaths mentioned in Bible are as follows:

· Lifting up the hand (Gen. 14:22, Lev. 24:14)

· Putting the hand under the thigh to whom the promise was made (Gen. 24:2, 47:29)

· Oaths were sometimes taken before the altar, or when someone not in Jerusalem would position himself looking toward the temple (1 Kings 8:31, 2 Chron. 6:22)

When are we supposed to make a pledge?

Normally we make the pledge during and at the end of our youth gatherings. This is not enough though. Remember that the pledge starts with “I”. That means when we disperse after the youth gathering the pledge goes with you. When you are alone it is then that temptations crawl into your life. That is the time you need resistance. That is the time when you need weapons to fight these temptations. Sometimes the devil attempts to make you forgert that you are a child of God. It is during these timnes that you need to stand firm and quietly say ‘I desire by grace of God’. Even when your friends say you are wasting your time at Guild, this is the time to take out your weapon and say ‘I desire by the grace of God to live and lead a Christian life’. So remember, the pledge is not confined whithin the walls of the church and at yoth gatherings, it’s always with you.

Why do we pledge? (purpose)

· We request to be of service to the church and to the community we live in.

· We request the power to fight the power of sin not to rule over us.

· We commit ourselves.Because we are weak, we ask God’s intervention.

· We request to part of the heavenly banquet.We acknowledge the companion of other Christians (brothers/sisters).

· We request to dwell in the house of the Lord and enjoy His presence (It’s nice to be here)

· We desire to fulltly spread the Gospel through our programmes.

How should we pronounce the pledge?

The pledge is a humble plea/request to God our Father. It is a humble appeal to our God. Therefore we should always humble our hearts to Him and show seriousness in our approach. We must abstain from being used to it and adopt a new approach everytime we pronounce it. The raising of our hands is not enough if our hearts are far from what is pronounced by our mouths. We need to humble ourselves and our Father shall hear us from heaven.